Strategy Workshop Success! In two hours Mike Brook helped demystify what strategy is and why it is needed.

Strategy Workshops

So, you think you have a strategy?

Some strategy leaders say that nine out of 10 businesses (at least) don’t actually have a genuine strategy.

Such a conclusion depends on us being able to agree on the answer to the question:

What is strategy?Today, Mike Brook ran a successful Strategy Workshop here at Barnsley Business Innovation Centre with 9 Companies.
In two hours he gave an opportunity to get a better insight into the visualisation process and also:

  • See the bigger picture of what “strategy” is and why it is needed
  • The difference between “strategy” and “tactics”
  • How to develop: vision, orbit process, the “vital few”
  • Deployment, implementation, single page plan, individual plans
  • Gantt chart progress and programme management.

More importantly the attendees now have a better understanding of why having a strategy
is so crucial.

If you don’t know where you’re going; how do you know if you’ve arrived?

Today’s group created this infographic to visualise what strategy is.


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