, specialising in:






We provide a no-nonsense, hands-on approach to real issues affecting your business and present practical solutions to overcome bottlenecks and improve performance. Our team of specialists are from a wide variety of backgrounds and can assist you in achieving your business objectives.


Areas that we help with include:


•Strategic Business Planning                                                       •Financial Business Planning

•Mentoring, Coaching & Training                                               •Strategy Deployment

•HR Systems and Policies                                                             •Sales & Marketing

•International Trade                                                                     •Import and Export documentation

•Design for Manufacture                                                             •Supply Chain Management

•Business Continuity Systems                                                     •Interim Management

•Lean Manufacturing                                                                    •Culture Change

•Continuous Improvement                                                          •Leadership Development

•Talent Management                                                                    •KPI’s/Management Information

•ISO (QHSE/CMS) Accreditation                                                  •Lean Office Systems

•Sage & Other Accounting                                                            •Production Systems

•Disaster Recovery                                                                         •Company Turnaround


Our no obligation review will allow our specialists to understand your business and identify opportunities to increase your competitiveness and profitability. A report will then be presented to you outlining these recommendations for improvement which can then be developed into a project proposal incorporating the benefits that you can expect to achieve.

Where opportunities to incorporate support to mitigate the cost of the project are identified, we will compile a clear and understandable improvement project proposal in the appropriate format for the required funding agency.  We are approved on many support agency frameworks; (Growth Accelerator, NAMTEC, Enterprising Barnsley and registered providers of service to MAS).



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