David Searle

Specialist Consultant, specialising in: Operational improvement, Cultural improvement and change management, Turnaround, Process innovation and creativity

David is an experienced manufacturing/engineering business management and process improvement professional with background of site leadership, team development, cultural and operational change and business turnaround. He has a passion and skill for developing elite teams based on a culture of empathy, respect and trust and able to facilitate communication and engagement at all levels. A progressive individual with a high level of customer focus.

Career in brief…

David has worked has held a variety of management positions throughout his career and achieved the following whilst working at Accellent UK: EBITDA from 19.5% in 2005 to 25.1% in 2006 and 30.6% in 2007. Accellent became first European supplier to gain United Technologies ACE Supplier Gold award. Addressed cultural problems in the Accellent, UK organisation and created an elite team. Successfully managed the closure of the UK Accellent facility following the strategic exit from the UK market including the transfer of >80% of the programmes to other group sites. Achieved the turnaround from the bottom of 19 Accellent divisions in 2004 to winning the “most improved site” award in 2006 and the “best performing site” award in 2008 [growth/ safety/complaints/returns/on-time delivery/inventory turns/labour cost/total cost]. Achieved top site score for employee satisfaction in 2012.

Achievements whilst working at GEC-Marconi included: Identifying recommendations and implementation relating to the restructure of production to outsource the majority of manufacturing resulting in the improvement of business unit performance from £3m loss to £500k profit in 12-months. David also introduced and negotiated a managed-service deal between GEC-Marconi and BT not previously used in industry, which resulted in a significantly increased margin (over 74% compared to typical levels of 30%) and profit of over £1.1m. Whilst working at Rolls-Royce, he identified and negotiated a one-off payment from the UK MoD of £1.98m to settle legacy sales for modification kit deliveries for that would otherwise have gone undetected.