Paul Cook

Specialist Consultant, specialising in: Business Assessment/Development, Lean Manufacturing, Leadership and Management, Operational Management

Paul is a highly experienced strategic business manager with business management and significant Lean Manufacturing experience within quality focused Japanese manufacturing cultures, linked with the ability and experience to guide, coach, and mentor business managers and supervise the training and development of teams to achieve world-class performance and output.

Career in brief…

Paul has experience includes focusing on improving businesses capability, which is based on specific projects such as Lean methodologies, Strategic improvements/coaching, and senior management development. He has gained the capability to achieve the results through the training and experiences gained whilst working in world class companies such as Toyota and other Japanese organisations. Paul also gained experience, delivering business support programmes for various industries, including Engineering, Distribution, Printing, Fabrication, Packaging and FMCG. Benefits included: Large gains in growth, product/process efficiency, reduction of waste and dramatic impacts on business culture. During 2011 Paul became a lead deliverer and assessor for the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research facility with the objective of aligning UK companies with the requirements of the Nuclear industry.